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civet report 2021-08-12

Table 1 | Summary of queries

Export table:
Name Lineage Source Catchment Sample Date Country Adm1 Hcw Status Ward Travel History
Scotland/EDB6502/2020 B.1.1 background_data catchment_1 Day8 UK Scotland staff A
Scotland/EDB6718/2020 B.1.418 background_data catchment_1 Day20 UK Scotland staff C
Scotland/EDB6609/2020 B.1.418 background_data catchment_1 Day17 UK Scotland staff_contact Community
Scotland/EDB6608/2020 B.1.418 background_data catchment_1 Day17 UK Scotland staff C/B
Scotland/EDB6535/2020 B.1.1 background_data catchment_2 Day12 UK Scotland staff C/B
Scotland/EDB6517/2020 B.1.1 background_data catchment_2 Day10 UK Scotland staff A
Scotland/EDB6495/2020 B.1.1 background_data catchment_2 Day7 UK Scotland staff A
Scotland/EDB6486/2020 B.1.1 background_data catchment_2 Day6 UK Scotland patient B Country X
Scotland/EDB6369/2020 B.1.1 background_data catchment_2 Day2 UK Scotland patient A/B Country X
Scotland/EDB6361/2020 B.1.418 background_data catchment_1 Day1 UK Scotland patient A
Scotland/EDB6356/2020 B.1.418 background_data catchment_1 Day0 UK Scotland patient B

Catchment 1

Table 2 | Summary of Catchment 1

Total 302
Query Count 6
Country UK 77%
Spain 11%
USA 2%
Australia 1%
Italy 1%
Other 8%
Lineage B.1 81%
B.1.418 18%
Other 1%


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