Lineage B.6

Lineage summaries

B.6 lineage summary figure

Lineage name Most common countries Date range Number of taxa Known Travel Recall value
B.6 India (43%), Singapore (40%), Australia (5%) February 14 to July 26 799 Philippines to Taiwan (1), Pakistan to China (1) 0.98
B.6.1 Malaysia (94%), Brunei (6%) March 21 to May 04 16   0.62

Lineage descriptions

Lineage Notes
B.6 Indian and Singapore lineage with global diversity. Within this lineage, Indian sequences are the majority of the sequences present at the base of the lineage. Towards the tips, there is a greater representation of sequences derived from Singapore. There is also representation from South East Asia/ North America/ Europe/ Israel/ Gambia/ Timor-leste
B.6.1 Malaysian lineage