Lineage B.4

Lineage summaries

B.4 lineage summary figure
Lineage Most common countries Earliest date Count Travel History Description Recall rate
B.4 UK (20%) Australia (17%) India (12%) January 18 301 Iran lineage many sequences we have of this lineage are associated with travel histories from Iran. Significant number of sequences from the UAE Kenya and Australia 0.95
B.4.1 Kazakhstan (100%) April 19 10 A small lineage from Kazakhstan within the B.4 diversity 1.0
B.4.2 Bahrain (92%) United_Arab_Emirates (8%) February 25 13 A lineage with mostly sequences from Bahrein 1.0
B.4.3 Australia (100%) March 10 24 Australian lineage nested within the diversity of B.4 0.83