Lineage B.1.36

Lineage summaries

B.1.36 lineage summary figure

Lineage name Most common countries Date range Number of taxa Known Travel Recall value
B.1.36 India (45%), Saudi_Arabia (34%), Bangladesh (5%) February 16 to August 22 366 Saudia_Arabia to Turkey (1), Iran to Turkey (1) 0.85
B.1.36.1 India (69%), UK (17%), Australia (5%) May 12 to August 05 64   0.92

Lineage descriptions

Lineage Notes
B.1.36 Global lineage with lots of representation of sequences from India and Saudi Arabia. Sequences also from Europe and UK. Now includes sequences that previously had been assigned B.1.113.
B.1.36.1 Indian lineage
B.1.36.2 Bangladesh lineage